Welcome to my Website

I am an artist in Iranian/Persian Calligraphy and illumination (Tazhib).

I offer courses in Persian Calligraphy (both Nastaligh and Shekaste-Nastaligh handwritings) and Persian illumination (Tazhib) in Zurich.

About Me

I followed a formal education in the Iranian Calligraphy and the Iranian/Persian painting and illumination in the official association of calligraphers in Iran. After several years of training and successfully passing the different levels of the mastery, I have been graduated at excellent level «Momtaz» in two calligraphic handwriting styles of «Nastaligh» and «Shekaste-Nastaligh» in 2006 which is evaluated as a degree of Bachelor of Arts. Simultaneously I have learned Iranian/Persian painting and illumination («Naghashie Gol & Morgh» and «Tazhib») which are in well connection with the calligraphy.

My art works have been exhibited in different art exhibitions in Iran and I am a national award winner for my art work in using calligraphy in the graphic design. Also during my academic education, I have taught calligraphy and illumination in the Art association of my university in Iran.